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I Shot an American Idol…Sort of.

American Idol came to Omaha looking for talent. If anyone was watching last night: Chris Bernheisel was the first contestant and took up at least 5 min. of the show. One of his idols is Carrie Underwood. Too bad he was so nervous that his singing was akin to the sounds a freshly branded cow. I’ve heard him sing before and he did much better in a room full of strangers than he did in front of the dynamic dual. (Paula hadn’t arrived yet.)

However, he did pull it out to get a gig as Fox 42’s American Idol Red Carpet Reporter. Appointed so by none other than Simon Cowell himself. Below is a cast picture I shot of him when he was with the Fremont Community Players. One of my several brushes with fame.


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Mitch's Sr. Portraits '08… A fun session and a blast to shoot!

Mitch08This is a pic from Mitch’s Sr. Portrait ’08.  Mitch was a lot of fun to work with and the shoot was a real blast! Mitch put a lot of himself into this shoot and it shows.  We did the water boarding over at the State Lakes with mostly thrills and very few spills.  He also put some real thought into his studio session.  You can check out some more of his shots in the video to the right of this page.

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