Tips for Seniors

Tips for Seniors

12 Tips for Great Senior Portraits

1. Plan Ahead

We encourage you to get together with a family member or friend and loosely plan what you want to wear. i.e.: I want to wear X for my formal shots and I was thinking of this and this for more casual. This will make your experience smoother and enable you to have Fun! We highly encourage you to bring anyone you want to the studio to help while we are shooting.


Simple non-distracting colors and simple patterns are typically best.
Portraits are about you – not the clothes you’re wearing. Bring a few changes from casual to formal that you are comfortable wearing. For casual poses denim jeans and a t-shirt are fine. You might compromise. Bring a couple outfits you like and one or two your parents like. Dressing in layers allows for more variation, you can take your outer shirt off or unbutton it for a different look.

3. Shoes,Belts & Socks:

If you bring formal wear, don’t forget the shoes and appropriate socks. For women casual poses often work well in bare feet but there is something to be said about a well coordinated outfit with shoes too. Alert for Guys: Don’t forget to bring a belt.

4.Hair & Nails:

This is typically not the best time to try a new hair style! Go with your normal style, something you’re comfortable with. Don’t forget a comb or brush and maybe some hair product just in case. Of course you ladies may want to bring some hair accessories to change it up a bit between poses. We have water, electricity and mirrors in our changing room. Ladies, Be sure to check your nails. Either polish or unpolished is fine but nothing in between as your hands will show. Men, I suggest facial hair be neatly trimmed or shaved. 5 O’clock shadows and shaggy beards tend to be intensified in photographs.

5. Jewelry:

Ladies, plan out what you are going to wear with your outfits. Jewelry can accent an outfit just right! Guys, don’t forget your class ring if you have one.

6.Eye Glasses:

Feel free to bring some shades for a few poses with a little more attitude! If you normally wear contacts – then wear them. If you wear prescription glasses – don’t worry about it, we will do our best to avoid lens glare.


Do you participate in a sport or activity? Bring your helmet, jersey, a football, running shoes or other appropriate gear. Your activities are no doubt a big part of your senior year, so be sure to make it part of your senior portraits. Don’t forget your letter jackets if you have one.

8.Non-Sports Props & Musical Instruments:

Think about hobbies or collections. We can incorporate them into your session. Collections can be anything. We have done everything from gargoyles, to posters, to stacks of country western music magazines. If theater is your gig then bring your collection of production t-shirts. If you play an instrument feel free to bring it and don’t forget the sheet music.

9. Pets & Cars:

If you want to include your pet or car in a few poses, No Problem: please inquire in advance to make arrangements. You will need another person to watch the pet while you are doing other shots.

10. Family:

Other family members can be “props” as well. Use the above guidelines and consider matching clothes. While a pose with a parent or sibling is fine; please be reasonable (i.e. if you want a family portrait we can schedule a family portrait session:-)

11. Friends:

Friends or buddy pictures are no problem and encouraged.

12. Go Wild!:

I promise you will get out of the session what you put into it. So Go wild! Do anything you ever wanted to do. You don’t have to have every detail planned. Just have a vague idea and we’ll run with it! We will go the extra mile for you. You can see it in our work. But, if you show up with 3 crumpled shirts in a paper bag… then that’s what you’ll get.

It’s all about you! Trust me, as you get older you will love to go back and see what you were about at this point of your life. Have Fun! Enjoy Life!